Completely Hypothetical: Who Wants a 14-28?

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Completely Hypothetical: Who Wants a 14-28?

Hello Forum,

First, this is not an "Please make this, Olympus" post. The lens discussed here will never exist. If you want to discuss real life this thread is not for you.

With that out of the way, I'm wondering if anyone else would buy a 14-28 zoom? 28-56mm equivalent, that is. I know I would! Also, would you be more interested if it was constant 2.8 at a decent price?

There are many possible advantages:

  • High image quality due to only 2x zoom (think Olympus ZD9-18 & 11-22 or even Nikon 14-24)
  • Relatively small size and low weight due to modest focal lengths
  • Fast aperture with decent size should also be possible
  • It could probably be a high quality lens without costing too much.
  • Basically a 12-35 without all the bulk and cost

I know many will think "make that 12-28" or "14-50" right away, but I feel any of those are a missed opportunity. Always wanting more is the norm on these forums, but this lens could in a way provide that too: it could be a genuinely portable high quality zoom.

Now, there are various offerings already - I realise even a fast 14-42 wouldn't be 12-50-sized right away. But the best offerings so far have all been reaching a bit: the 14-42X is small but also a great way to get to know Panasonic customer service, and while the 14-45 is sharp and nice it goes from slowish to slow aperture.

Basically a 14-28 would have an exceptionally narrow range. However, within that range it could shine, and still be a lot more flexible than any prime.

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