*** Mini Challenge 282 – Public Art ***

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*** Mini Challenge 282 – Public Art ***

Mini Challenge 282 – Public Art

Thank you Jill for giving me the chance to run this MC.

Public Art can be a great photo-op, an opportunity to capture something unique and interesting free from many of the common hassles associated with taking pictures in public spaces these days. By Public Art, I mean art that the artist chose to produce or perform in public. So, In scope are subjects like street mime, dance, drama, artists, buskers, graffiti, ice sculpture, sand sculpture, pavement art, and so forth. Out of scope are things like organised markets selling paintings/sculptures, commercial events in public venues (concert in the park etc), permanent monuments and statues. Ideally, the image should include some of the surrounding area to help place the art in context and if you remember where it was taken, please include that in the comment.

Please enter up to 3 images that you think will make me want to go see the art for myself. My criteria for judging will be the same as usual – those that work best as complete images.


1) Enter up to 3 photos from any camera taken at any time. Let us know about equipment, settings and processing if you like. A good title and perhaps a line or two about where and why (the story) of the image adds to our enjoyment.

2) The winner chooses the next mini challenge theme and selects the next winner and so on...

3) Please post your entries by replying to this original post rather than under someone else’s post - and change the subject line to the title(s) of your images or something like that to separate your picture posts from comments that someone may make about your post.

4) As usual, exhibition entries are encouraged, if you have interesting images to share beyond your three entries, or should you feel you are not able to host the challenge in the event that you win.

5) All entrants should check the results of the challenge and be ready to jump in with the next competition if they are the winner.

6) PLEASE feel free to make as many comments as possible. This adds to the fun and keeps people coming back. Lets make this a record number of entries.

7) The challenge starts now and closes for entries and exhibits on Saturday 27th October at 17.00  [GMT]

Examples in the next post.

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