Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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D800e is moire city for that, D800 or 5D3

Marek07 wrote:

Am looking into finally upgrading my kit,


Nikon d800e with Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G...or

Canon 5d mk3 with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L ll USM

I work in Fashion and Portraiture, and was wondering which Kit would be more suitable or just which would you prefer and why?

Canon seems to be a more popular choice in this Industry but am not sure why!

Pros and Cons would be amazing....

Thank You....

If you got a D800, I'd lean the non-E version, I'd be afraid fabrics might moire like crazy with the D800e and suspect the D800 would be the way to go.

The D800 will certain put more resolution on things and it has a lot more dynamic range at low ISO.

5D3 + 24-70 II might AF a bit better and has, IMO, a nicer user interface.

Sort of depend whether your work demands huge amounts of detail and giant prints and lots of DR or whether you can set up studio shots to easily fit DR into what the 5D3 can do and then the nicer UI and handling might make that the nicer choice. Only you know what sort of scenes you shoot for fashion and portraiture and what client demands are.

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