Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

Started Oct 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

cosmonaut wrote:

But the sensor is probably most of the cost of a camera.

Yet you are mistaken... it doesn't cost that much to replace a damaged sensor of a camera... and the repair cost is mostly labor since its not an easy job at all.... given the profit from the repair, it's sensible to consider the sensor at around 10% of what a camera costs.... put it otherwise, if sensor cost was that much, could a manufacturer afford to sell a product with a 30% reduction in price than the intro price? In fact you may be surprised that the shutter mechanism of a camera costs about as much as the sensor and that a good quality real glass pentaprism viewfinder costs twice that much...


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