How do you think about this shot?

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Re: How do you think about this shot?

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

First, I like the shot as it is.  I think the colours look naturally attractive without any need to enhance or subdue them.

If it were my shot I'd try a few things differently; but I wasn't there so they might not work.

1.  Focus.  The sharpest part of the image is the heart of the reflected trees; to tops of the trees themselves are quite soft.  I'd focus to get them crisp, which would still let the far bank go soft and hold reasonable detail in the nearer reflections.

2.  Crop #1.  I'd chop away a bit from the right, so the large tree trunk is just at the edge of the frame.

3.  Crop #2.  You've obviously cropped to get the vertical symmetry of the clouds and further elements.  That's taken the top off the reflection of the trees.  I'd make sure all the tree tops were visible; this might need a wider FL.  Depending on how much more that captures you might try a square crop.

4.  Orientation.  With powerful skies and reflections I'd try a portrait orientation shot.  How successful, of course, depends on the bits I can't see.

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Thanks for the comments.

I actually did not crop much.  I had other shots that has either more sky or more water,but none looked better.  This was the only symmetrical one.

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