Another repair part horror story from Thom today

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Re: Another repair part horror story from Thom today

Event_shooter wrote:

Not letting anyone with a screwdriver touch Nikon gear is a Brilliant move. You need to draw a line somewhere and Nikon said NO ONE BUT AUTHORIZED. Nikon is tired of fixing thing that others have ruined and being the bearer of bad new to the Camera owner.

Bravo Nikon

Pretty dumb thing to say Event_shooter. The issue raised on Thoms page wasn't even a screwdriver issue, it was a knob designed to be used by the user which had fallen of and the user wanted a replacement. Why on earth should he have to risk the loss or damage of the lens by sending it to a nikon repair center and also be without it for however many weeks while nikon evaluates the repair required. Just let him buy the part and get on with his shooting.
But even if it were a screwdriver required procedure, it is a pretty simple tool to operate, I mean if you are smart enough to operate such a highly complex tool as a camera, I'm sure you can operate a screwdriver, you can only turn it left or right, that's it! For instance, I have a Panasonic camera on which the evf cover has broken off, it clips on at the top and is held in place at the bottom with 2 little screws, it really couldn't be much easier to replace. But can I get Panasonic UK or their service center to send me out that part? No! I'm going to have to send it to them. What a complete waste of everyone's time and all it will achieve is to annoy me and cross them of my list as a company I'm prepared to spend my money with in future. Great business strategy!
So far Nikon UK has not gone down the Nikon USA route thankfully, but if it does, it will certainly cause plenty of customers who get burned by their strategy to jump ship to another brand who understands how not to alienate their customers.

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