Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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I strongly suspect that this is technically doable, and actually have been fantacizing about such a solution. Yes, the processing unit would have to come with the sensor, but there is no major difficulty here. Given the general level of build quality, AF, metering, etc of my 5dIII, an upgrade path to the sensor would seem logical, not to mention the possibility of adding special purpose sensors (B&W, for instance).

Unfortunately, I don't see this happening, for marketing reasons. Back in the dsays of film, a Nikon F2 or f3 had a nine year life span. Same goes for Canon equivalents. In the digital age, camera manufacturers have managed to reduce the product cycle to 3 years. I don't see them relinquishing this advantage any time soon. This of course is at the expense of the user.

Exactly... that's why I am saying that they will ONLY be forced to do it if a third manufacturer (one that wants to enter the FF market without risking to convince the customers for been a long term alternative) will do it..., then they will have to react! (please refer to previous posts)

Three years ago, Nikon send a questionary to most pros (their customers) all over the world... among the questions was if modularity of camera in relevance of sensors, screens, viewfinders, is among their requirements, needless to say that all pros I know answered positively on the matter... then they filed the patent... thereafter nothing happened! ...Now that they 've taken the FF market from Canon by a good margin, I find it even more impossible for them to proceed..., not that they can't..., they clearly don't want too... they are clearly more interested (in both C & N) to communicate a marketing "imaginary war" having stupid soldiers that pay them the more they can... clearly the most profitable war in industry and the one that is against photography from traditional "photography servants" !!!

I generally agree, except for one thing. You seem to intend that Nikon customers are mostly pros (unless I misunderstood). I'm skeptical of that. I would suspect that even for quite expensive bodies such as D800/5diii, non pros outnumber pros by quite a large margin. Which means that manufacturers would also survey amateur reaction to inrchangeable sensors before going in that direction.

No..., I also agree that enthusiasts are more than pros... I am only saying that pros would all invest in such a camera... many enthusiasts will also, but usually many of them are specializing in one kind of photography and thus the appeal would be less (in percentage) than pros.... I suspect that there will be pros that could have two such bodies (no pro works without a back up) and maybe all sensors available, surely it can't be to the same extend with enthusiasts....

Also you are saying that Nikon has overtaken Canon in full frame. I read elsewhere that in terms of market share Canon is still ahead worldwide, but this was a secondary source, and the primary source was not quoted, so no way to verify. If you actually have a reliable source of market statistics for the photo market, I'd very much like if you could give it, my interest in this  matter having nothing to do with the N/C fan war taking place here (strictly business !

No real market data no reliable source either... just what the major sellers report... Canon may still lead the market as far as ALL DSLRs are concerned but surely in the FF market Nikon is the leader and maybe by quite a margin... I know many pros that changed side this year and I know many that where using MF and replaced it with D800E for studio use.... I also happen to know many people in the MF industry.... they are in serious trouble because of the D800E lately... They where expecting market share for MF to stay constant, yet the market showed different... I myself decided to decrease my Contax645 system... I have a listing currently for my 45, 140 and 45-90 as well as one of the 3 bodies, I will only keep the 35, 55, 80, 120m and 210 as well as my Fuji GX680 system to accompany my Imacon 528c... I am only doing multishot (16x) with it and some studio stuff... all the rest has been replaced with D800E...


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