Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

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Re: Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

Enthused wrote:

viking79 wrote:

No, this is very clear.  Aperture value means aperture number.  They are stating it only works from f/7.1 to f/22, etc.  Aperture Value is a photography defined term and it refers to the number, not the opening size.

The text from the manual says "PDAF is unavailable when aperture value is greater than F6.3"

So based on what you're saying, it means that it is unavailable when aperture is F7-13+, right?

I.e. it doesn't work for smaller aperture size (based on your definition).

Sony should have included an example or 2 in the text!

I did try the NEX-6 at a tradeshow last week (with both the 16-50 pancake zoom and the 55-210).

I'm unfamiliar with the controls at this point but the PDAF grid was displayed for both lenses as far as I recall. I was't paying close attention to aperture at the time, but I think I had it on aperture priority and the lighting was poor so I was probably using it wide open or close to it.

As far as I recall I had the PDAF grid available at all times (would it have removed the PDAF grid display if  the camera was in a state where PDAF would not work?). I doubt I had the lens stopped down to F7 or smaller.  The odd thing is that I recall having the PDAF grid available on the 55-210 as well even though the show was a few days before the firmware update was released (this was at the Sony booth though - so they could have had an advanced copy of the firmware I guess). The Sony rep also told me that PDAF would work on the 55-210.

The camera seemed to  track focus on people walking past the booth (using both lenses) but that's only based on it apparently continuously updating focus on the LCD (it didn't have a memory card so I couldn't review the photos afterwards)

I posted a misleading information above and revise my statement in later post, the PDAF works in f1.4-f6.3, not working in f7.1 and slower.

Also, the PDAF grid is just a display, no active or dynamic functions on it, it won't light up in squares, it's just a very intriguing diagram in the center of the screen. and took a lot of space.

plus, even if you turn your aperture slow to F7.1 and above, it's still here. So it's just a diagram constantly shows in the center of the screen, no real function.

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