How does one begin doing photographic work?

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Re: How does one begin doing photographic work?

Think -- what businesses in your area (Vanconver, Victoria, Seattle) pay the most for photography? Think technical, think medical. Specialized, the more obscure and high-paying the better. Jewelry? Architecture? Follow the money, and the advice in the previous post about how to be a photographer's assistant. Contact successful pros working in high-paying areas. For example, I'll bet Boeing and Microsoft have photographers on staff. Find out who they are, call them up, go have a coffee, and ask them to get you in the door as a student intern, paid or not. If you are too shy to make a contact, have your high school advisors help you... that's their job.

Another thought. Your photographic skills actually may be more valuable as part of the skill set that helps you get a different job. Ad agency copywriter or graphic artist, multimedia designer, technical writer/illustrator, screenwriter, public relations person. Because 21st-century communication is all about words and pictures. Both! And you are already ahead of the game on the picture side. Good luck!

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