Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

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Re: Here are some facts you should know about PDAF in 3rd Gen NEX.

Enthused wrote:

privater wrote:

5. PDAF can only be activated when aperturen is no greater than f/6.3 (e.g: f/7-f13 works, f/1.8-f5.6 won't work)

Thank you for quoting all this.

Point 5  seems ambiguous to me.  The actual text says PDAF is unavailable when aperture value is greater than F6.3. You interpret that as when the aperture size is greater than F6.3 which may be correct. They said 'value' which could indicate F7-F13 etc (i.e. smaller aperture).

Doesn't the camera focus with the blades set at maximum aperture size ?  To maximize the light available for focussing?  And then stop down the blades to the appropriate aperture when the shot is actually taken?  If so, why would selected aperture have any impact?  I would think that the maximum design aperture (ie max size opening at a given focal length) would have a bearing on PDAF, but not the selected aperture. What am I missing?

Huge sorry for the misinformation, I've redo the test, and got confused with mechanism of PDAF in 5R. the PDAF seems only works in AF-C mode.

But there is something certain:

The PDAF worked when it's f/1.8-f6.3, aperture value greater than f6.3 won't work:

I redo the test with AF-C:

the huge difference is from f5.6 to f6.3 there is no breath effect when it's in AF-C and change focus is really quick and merely hunts.

From aperture value f7.1 and above there is a obvious breath effect(same with previous CDAF only NEX) and the focus hunts almost ever time.

So my conclusion is totally wrong and I have to make a  apology for you.

Because of my handhelding video, you may not notice the breath effect in AF-C, but you can simulate it with your own NEX. the PDAF part(f5.6) is totally breath effect free it's like taking a still image.

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