Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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Re: Well in fact

Vivid1 wrote:

bobn2 wr

So, this is where we came in - so, by adjusting the ISO you can have the shutter speed that you want (within obvious limits) - so, what is it the determines minimum shutter speed? This comes back to why I say that the minimum shutter speed is the same, whatever the f-number of the lens.

So why keep the f-number constant or ISO?? If you are worried about the shutter speed, use Tv - it is very, very simple Bob.

your premise is wrong. The point of exposure management is to fit as much as possible of the scene's tonal range into the camera's DR, secondarily to use the section of the camera's DR that will give you maximum image quality, and thirdly, if the scene's tonal range is too great to fit within the camera's DR, to chose which part you are going to lose, in order to gain the effect from the shot that you want. Whether the outcome leads to 'under' or 'over' exposing by your simplistic definitions, I really don't care.

So Bob, by your own words above, by optimizing exposure (ie - use CORRECT exposure), you fit as much of the tonal values into the DR of the sensor right... So why do you need to underexpose when you have ALL the means on camera to get the exposure right????

You should publish this: Bob's exposure methodology;  just pick a shutter speed and f-stop and ISO (as long as it underexposes) and fire away - you can set the 'brightness' later... Well go ahead and fire away. The rest of us will expose correctly.

well you can expose so you get a head room for a starter, this means that you can reproduce highlights better ,  and  with a Nikon you need not  worry about noise in the lower levels  if you are under exposing  a bit ,  as you must with a Canon (the DR is  much larger in Nikon)

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