Maybe my D7000 has issues....

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comfort zone

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

ott77n wrote:

You seem to point to this photo as the proof of your fourth camera's AF problems. For this to work, there must be no easy explanation, which would suggest otherwise. That, or your presented proof is anything but.

I've taken lots of shots, that was one

Here is another on a tripod with AF-S

Strong back focus care to debate that one?

And have you followed up in any way as I suggested?

So in this particular case, your camera was in AF-A. If I understand your explanation, for the focus/re-compose to work, the camera must lock focus and must not try to re-focus, once the lock has been obtained.

It locked and did not re-focus.

You have no way of knowing that with AF-A in that shot.  There is a new great thread discussing that exact issue. Lot of learning to be had in that one

So having said all that, I suspect you evaluate your photos like that: hey, I wanted the person's face to be in focus - it is not! AF failed again!

I't showing back focus strong back focus which it shows with all the shots.

No, it can only be confirmed in that one shot.  All your other examples to date are in-determinate regards focus. Taking shots that control basic variables that affect focus is not your strong suit to date.

The thing is, you neglect to ask a follow-up question: how do you know the AF has failed? Could it have actually worked? How?

It turns out, in this case the obvious explanations presents itself, once the focus mode used is evaluated. How could the AF had worked here? Simple: AF-A could have "chosen" AF-C.

Well it's a Tamron 90mm macro lens the AF is not silent so you def know it it's moved into AF-C

But you can not tell if it is locked in AF-S

Once that supposition is formulated, your "proof" falls apart. There is no ifs, no buts, no Tokina this or 35 1.8 that, no nothing. Since the plausible explanation to the contrary exists, the "evidence" proves nothing.

I agree the cast iron tripod shots shows clear backfocus, which is exactly what you get in the real world.

You have not tested for that.  Many of your real world shots show potentially no back focus at all.  The boy and limo driver examples, for instance.

Unfortunately, you seem to reject everything anybody suggests, and any explanation offered.

You're trying to explain away back focus, when it's really ismple. "back focus" speak it out loud it's very easy to do that

You are indeed not able to easily grasp the concepts of CDAF vs PDAF and the problems associated with focus testing in AF-A. Your problems all started with a move to more complicated PDAF systems in the D90 and D7K. You have learned a lot since the driver shot but still seem a bit set in the past in many ways. Progress is being made, though reluctantly

Try harder to explain why your photos are oof. Reading the manual could help. The AF mode to use for focus/re-compose is AF-S. If you have your camera in any mode other than AF-S and focus/re-compose, and then argue the issue where the proper AF mode selection is fundamental, you make yourself look less serious, than you otherwise might look.

Reading the manual won't magically make the AF calibrated.

Very true, but it will help you stop making simply technical mistakes you often make in terms of focus testing.  To date, you have only one good example and tons of "can't tell" examples.

Here is a great example of how you should have proceeded at the first tiny hint of a problem.
‚ÄčStarted well
You have started the process determine if it's the lens, AF-sub mirror, or the factory set calibration.  Or you can simply send it back again and hope for the best.  That hasn't been working so well but stepping out of one's comfort zone isn't an easy thing for some people.

BTW, you did intend to highjack another seems.  Good luck regardless, though I suspect you might be all rant and no try. Only one good focus test example in this entire time is simply an indication of that, or a lack of desire to really find a solution.

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