Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

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Re: Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

bimbobo wrote:

The exif info are here..

This how IA mode took the pics..

I tried 100 and 200 ISO and but not 0.66EV as it was already too harsh when I tried in A P S mode.

I used also Spot and Center metering and not Multi Segment but the issue was the "light" not the focus imho. So maybe somebody can explain simply what is wrong.

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Bimbobo, something I just noticed about your information: when I switch my FZ150 from P/A/S/M to iA, the ev always reverts to 0.  Did you crank up the ev in iA to 0.66 deliberately?  That could explain the blowouts.  I never use iA and always have my ev set at -0.33 or -0.66 (unless using ev bracketing or am in very dim light and don't want to use the flash)...when using flash I stay with a negative ev setting and, depending upon how much flash I need, adjust the flash intensity instead.  If I am in a large space (read "longer distance to subject") I may crank up the ev (less than +1) and the flash into positive territory.   I leave ISO at 100 most of the time but if light is lower (and no flash being used) then I'll go on auto ISO with max = 200 or 400 (mostly depends on where I used it last!).

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