Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: A potential work-around

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Re: Banding with the E-M5 and the 20/1.7: A potential work-around

Anders W wrote:

NeroMetalliko wrote:

Anders W wrote:

A little update to my original post: Clearly, the banding depends on whether the equipment is properly "warmed up" before use. But is it the camera or the lens that needs to be warmed up?

Tonight, I ran a first test to answer that question. Rather than keep the 20/1.7 mounted on the camera throughout, I mounted the 14-45 before turning the "cold" camera on. I then repeated my standard procedure of shooting 5-10 frames so as to "warm up" the camera. Only then did I mount the "cold" 20/1.7. If only the camera had to be "warmed up" to get rid of the banding, we would now expect clean images right away. If, however, the lens required the same treatment, it would take a few shots to get there as usual.

Result: Clear banding on the first trials, then gradually disappearing as usual. So clearly, the lens requires a bit of idling too before being ready for use.


Olympus claims for the E-M5 an operating temperature in 0-40°C. I can assume the same should be valid for the Panasonic 20mm.

It will be interesting to try some cold/warm temperature operating test (with no warming-up time obviously).

Using a common refrigrator and a open oven, with some care, it could be theoretically possible to put the lens and body at 4-6°C and at 25-30°C and perform a set of lens/camera shoots like for example:

- cold lens/cold body

- warm lens/warm body

- warm lens/cold body

- cold lens/warm body

The first two combinations are more easy to do, the two "mixed" ones are more tricky because a fast action is required to join the two items and shoot the test image in very short time.

The main problem I see will be the condensation that will surely occur, so I'm NOT recommending to anyone to try these kind of test.

And... ehm... I have sold my 20mm lens, so "unlucky" I cannot try with my camera...  ehm...


Thanks for these additional testing suggestions. But why stay at these moderate temperatures? Luckily, I have easy access to an oven capable of pyrolysis temperatures (approaching 500 C). And then deep freezing of course.

Yeah, you are right, that's exactly what we need for the ultimate test bench!

More seriously,

I was thinking a lot regarding the aspect you have observed/explained related to the decrease of the banding after a warm-up of the lens.

There are some items that are still not clear to me:

- the warm-up should be "active" (you have to shoot a certain number of pictures before getting some "less banding" pictures) or it's enough to wait some time without shooting (maybe only playing in the menu in order to keep the camera awake) and then even the first shot is less banding affected?

- are we speaking of a warm-up time of one-two minutes or more?

Please, let me know if I missed something.


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