DX crop with D800 vs crop in post (vs teleconverter)

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Re: Slightly different approach

lock wrote:

michaeladawson wrote: I agreed with the previous poster that there is no difference between using DX mode and cropping in post.

There is a difference. If you frame too tight with Dx, you are never going to get your image right. If you crop afterwards, you can always keep a bit more in any direction than you got from the Dx crop. For instance, I have had many gymnasts jumping just out of the Dx frame because I underestimated the jumping height. So I lost their head...but with Fx cropping afterwards the problem is easily solved.

I totally agre with you.  But the OP was about IQ.  In actual practice I would never shoot in DX mode unless I bought the grip and wanted 6 fps.  Otherwise I prefer to capture the entire frame and decide on my crop later.

I then go on to add that use of a good quality TC will be better than either DX mode or cropping in post.  By a small margin.

One of the advantages of the Tc is that you keep the 24 Mp to work on. You will not if you crop. The downer is the aperture. A 2.8 will become a 5.6 with a TC 2.0. So you will lose shutter speed as well. That may be important in fast action. This wil not happen with cropping (if you care less about the DOF). So there are pro and cons and the right choise probably depends on what you want.

1.4, 1.7, and 2.0X also plays into IQ.  The same person who was saying that using a TC gives better IQ than cropping also said that use of 2.0X negated that advantage.  IIRC.  Never done any testing myself.  Only reporting what I have read.

However, we should not forget that a Nikon TC doesn't fit on every lens (check the compatibility list  http://www.nikonusa.com/en_INC/IMG/Assets/Common-Assets/Images/Teleconverter-Compatibility/en_US_Comp_chart.html ). This is something a lot of people seem to underestimate.
From a practical perspective, it means you should buy a high priced tele(zoom) to make a TC work. The cheapest lens is around $2000, unless you buy second hand. On the 24-120 F/4 a TC will not work and you have no choise but to crop.


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