What now for Ricoh?

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Re: What now for Ricoh?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Yet no one would buy a stripped down less intensive version that would do 99% of their requirements.

True, but sometimes the stripped down version excludes a feature that is *absolutely essential* for many people. Let's take Photoshop. It costs €1000 in the Netherlands. Now, imagine Adobe would release a version for €500, and there is only one (1) feature missing.


The €500 version would become utterly useless. Didn't some older versions of PS Elements actually omit stuff like curves and adjustment layers? It makes such a program useless, if a competitor that is actually cheaper (Paint Shop Pro) does have it.

This is the reason why I don't use Gimp. Gimp doesn't have adjustment layers: it's my most used option in PS. I can work around it, somehow, but PS just works better. (And it's a LOT faster in processing. It always has been, but it walzes back and forth over Gimp, since it's GPU-accellerated.)

Therefore I invested in Photoshop CS5.1, when I was doing a part time study some time ago. As a student, I could get this version for only €200. It was the Extended version, no less. I could also get LightRoom 3.x for €75, when it still cost €300 in retail.

Gimp (and RAWTherapee) indeed can do... oh... 98% of I want to do, but the developers seem to refuse to add the features I, and many others seem use the most, and they are (for me) in those 2%.

(Since the last version, they finally started to fix the ***-up user interface, and some time ago they actually added color management. Now, 15 year into it's development, Gimp starts to acquire features people actually need and want, instead of only adding whiz-bang stuff the developers think that's interesting. OK, rant over.)

It's the same with camera's. The EOS 300D was a stripped down version of the 10D, but many people didn't get it. Why? Because it had no flash compensation. It had no EV compensation. (Needed to use a flash with compensation buttons in the first case, and use manual in the second.) The EOS 300D didn't only ommit some "nice to haves", that camera actually ommitted *essential* fotographic features. Therefore I got a discounted 10D at the time the 20D was already out (that was too expensive for me at the time). The 300D, while it broke open the consumer market for DSLR's, was a piece of crap with regard to actual photography. (IMHO.)

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