X S1 is for motion scenes.

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Re: X S1 is for motion scenes.

Hello Palul,

Yesterday on my way home I passed a neighborhood soccer field. Children were trained there. I stopped and tried to capture moments with the camera. Listen Paul, it was hard. Again, the focus is too slow and even there is a delay between the reality and the image appear on your screen. This causes that you almost  can not catch a certain moment you want to capture. I have not tried with a continuous mode -  I tried to photograph asI use a normal reflex camera. The best results I got when I shot shutter speed priority mode - 1/800.

So of course you can take with this camera photos of an object in motion, I do it as you showing in your photos. Perhaps my statement was too sweeping. But I keep my mind that the weakest side of this camera is photo objects in motion - because of all what has been said already.
Even if you argue with me, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
Try taking photos on the playground.You 'll see exactly what I mean.

Finally I want to say a few things:
We are here to exchange ideas about photography and to learn from each other. Not nice and unnecessary to take things in directions that harm others.

All we write here is not the Ten Commandments.
This forum notshould be a boxing room.

Best Wishes,dudi.

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