DX crop with D800 vs crop in post (vs teleconverter)

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Re: DX crop with D800 vs crop in post (vs teleconverter)

michaeladawson wrote:

John Adler wrote:

You can get 5FPS, and with the grip, 6FPS out of DX mode.

I've compared DX mode vs cropping full frame, and there is no difference in image quality.


Agree with the above.  With regard to using a TC someone, Marianne maybe, posted an opinion that said the TC was a slightly better quality option than DX or crop.  I would imagine that if you view images at A4 size or smaller or you post for on-line viewing that you would see little difference.  If you print big a properly matched TC would give slightly higher IQ.

You're contradicting yourself Mike. First you say that you agree that there is no difference in quality but then you state that using a TC would give slightly better quality than cropping or DX (same thing btw). Well actually (edited) I see you are quoting someone else on this.

For what it's worth, you do lose some quality by doing any of the above. Whether you see this or not will depend on the size of your final image. Do you lose more with a TC or by cropping? Well that would depend on the sensor being used as well as which TC you were using. All are factors.

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