LA-EA2: what lenses to get?

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Re: LA-EA2 and aperture control


Maybe the PD focus can indeed predict where the subject will be after it's waited for the aperture to close, but it shouldn't have to wait in the first place!  And that doesn't help when your subject is moving laterally across the frame.  It simply won't be where it was when you pressed the shutter (unless you shoot wide open of course!).

There's no need for there to be this lag.  All the adapter / lens have to do is close the aperture down to its preset value; something slrs have been doing for many decades.  I've never come across an slr where this lag was obvious.

Maybe I have a faulty adapter / lens, but it sounds from what you and the flikr poster have said that this lag does exist in these adapters.  It's such a shame because for me at least it ruins what would have been a perfect solution allowing me to use the NEX 7 as a compact(ish) system and an slr replacement.  Sadly I'll have to stick with an slr, whereas I'd have liked to release the cash I have tied up in slr lenses.

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