sell D 700 for new leica M or keep it and get a Sony RX1

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sell D 700 for new leica M or keep it and get a Sony RX1

With the upcoming new Leica M and Sony RX1, I am wondering if I should change my gear … 
I do mostly landscape and portraits (no subjects that move quicker than a child). Mostly natural light, sometimes a fill-in flash. I seldom use very high ISO settings (max 3200).
I am no professional and do not use my gear on daily basis. I do appreciate image quality and lens quality.
I print at 12 x 16 inches and seldom at 16 x 23 inches.
I use a Nikon D700 with 24/1.4, 35/1.4, 50/1.4, 85/1.4 and 70-200AFS (BTW the latter I want to trade in for the Zeiss 135 F/2 ZF2 if I stay in Nikon). I also have the Leica R Summicron 90 F/2 adpated for Nikon (Leitax). I have sold my Zeiss ZF 21 because I seldom feld the need for ultrawide (I prefer panorama). 
In general I am pleased with the image quality I can get although some more pixels (24 MPIX would be ideal) would mean a step up in IQ I guess for my largest prints. Sometimes I would like some more dynamic range or some more shadow detail.
I adore the look with Leica lenses but manual focussing a manual lens with the Nikon D700 is not that easy I find with moving subjects (even spontaneous portraits). Maybe I do not practice enough.
I also find the Nikon D700 quite big. On the other hand I like the build quality.
The Leica M has always been my 'dream' camera because of the IQ one can reach with it, not only sharpness but general look. Zeiss lenses give another look but with people I find it sometimes a little bit harsh in comparison with Leica. For people the look one can reach with a summilux 80 or summicron 90 I cannot create with my Nikon (or Zeiss) lenses. 
The compactness of the Leica and also the silence of the shutter were other reasons to like it.
The drawback to buy a Leica M was honestly only the price. When it would be 2000 Euros with a 50 mm F/2 I would have it already . 
Also I do not know if I will be able to focus it quickly and if I could give it to my wife if she wants to take a picture (exposure I could probably explain, but focussing maybe one should be trained to do it?)
I could buy the new M with one simple lens (a 50 summicron or maybe summilux) but to finance it I have to sell all my other gear (maybe I should keep the summicorn 90 to be adapted on the M). Later on I can maybe buy some other lenses (summarit 35 and 90?. Will I be happy is off course the question… Testing is not really easy here since I do not know any users and renting is not possible in the Belgian shops. I also thought about the M9...

Another option is to sell my least used lens, the 70-200 and to buy the Sony RX1 for when I want to work quietly and be unobtrusive. It could be the poor mans M with AF so everybody can use it. It is only 35 mm but the smart teleconvertor function (I guess basically cropping) makes portraits possible at lower resolution (when I do not have my Nikon with me). The external viewfinder is a bit of an issue though.
What our your opinions on it?

Nikon D700 Sony RX1
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