Tip on retouch facial blown areas

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Re: Tip on retouch facial blown areas

Dave Jaseck wrote:

Thought I would revisit a technique that Scott Kelby suggested in his book, "The Adobe Photoshop CS3 book for Digital Photographers", which give a ton of particle and useful techniques.  This is retouch technique correct for the blown areas (from flash or lighting) on faces, i.e. forheads, noses, chins.  It is something I use all the time for this and for other applications.  Simply add a blank layer over background, select the clone tool set at approx 40% opacity and blend mode at "darken" (you can conversely set it at lighten for the opposite effect).  Make a  selection with the tonallity you would like around the blown area you want to retouch, and clown in the area.  You can keep as much of the correction you would like by also adjusting the opacity of the what was the blank layer. Thought this might be a useful tip for those new to Photoshop.  Here is an example, the original and the retouched version of a project I am doing of digitizing some older photographs of my late wife.

Dave. I use a similar method to yours and thought I'd give yours a try but am having trouble. Which Layer do you have active when doing the Cloning at 40% using Darken. If using the new blank Layer, nothing happens. If using the original layer you just get a dark sort of patch on the blown area.What is the new blank layer above doing?


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