Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

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Re: Why do people find 36mp such a burden?

Yes it takes up a lot of hd space ,1TB for storage is cheap now compared to spending over 5K on a body and 1 lens!!

Cheap for raw storage perhaps, but managing terabytes in a professional and responsible manner with backups etc. isnt a kids job.

I 'm not saying that everyone should have a 36mp sensor and you do get what you pay for,and so far in my opinion the new Nikon D600-D800 really blows some of the other brands out of the water for IQ

I am the opposite I am afraid. I had the D800E for half a year before dumping it. I somehow knew that before I bought it so perhaps I shouldnt have, but I was curious to find out how and when a camera with such a high resolution and DR could be beneficial to use. I found the extra resolution mostly obsolete. Even with Nikons expensive f1.4 G prime lenses, CA was too pronounced at the widest apertures for enlargements that utilized the full resolution potential. Diffraction fought me in the other end of the aperture scale. ISO noise would quickly demand downsampling anyway.

In the end I was left with a camera, that compared to my (insanely beloved...) D3s felt sluggish and slow and spewed out files that slowed my workflow down with demands for computer time and storage. On the other hand I found some of the small UI improvements very good, like the quick ISO adjusting and the new AF mode switch also worked quite well actually. I also enjoyed the built-in crop lines for other formats really nice. And of course the resolution was godsend when working at low ISO and within the apertures (f4-5.6) where the lenses performed the best.

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