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John.Laninga wrote:

If I get the OM-D, does it play nice with the Lumix lenses?  Or will the lack of in-body lens corrections (which Panny has but Olympus doesn't) make the lenses less than optimal?


I have this question as well since currently I use a Panasonic body with Panasonic lenses and would like to try  an olympus body at some point....

I found this thread useful (as long as DPRr don't mangle the URL)

Basically what it was saying was the distortion correction is built into the micro four thirds standard.  Irrespective of manufacturer the lens tells the camera what distortion correction it needs and the camera either acts on this (jpg) or puts the information in the image file (raw)

What the thread goes on to say though is that Chromatic Aberration correction is a Panasonic only thing currently and not standardised.   So a Panasonic G2 would get the CA information from say the 20mm f/1.7 lens and would automatically take out the CA.   However from what the thread says an Olympus body wouldnt do this, neither for its own or for Panasonic lenses.   So you have to apply CA correction yourself.

(This is actually no big deal and much easier than correcting distortion.  I am used to doing CA correction from my older Canon and Nikon cameras which never had auto CA correction until quite recently - the CA - if it exists at all in a photo, is typically in black/white transitions so I just select the area with the CA and de-saturate that area back to black and white).  So if you went Oly you would just have to scan the image, look for CA and zap it.  I do this manually but I suspect many modern photo editing packages will automate it ????

Sorry I am just parroting second hand info here !!!  I don't yet have an Oly body so cant be sure all this is right ... Hopefully someone will pop-up on this forum and confirm/deny/elaborate !!

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