Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

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Re: Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

steven_k wrote:

Having been in the  fine art repro business for over 10 years in Hawaii, no longer though closed the business back in 08 when the economy tanked here is spin on  using the dp2m for repro work.

Having owned a better light scanning back for years it think it "should" be quite possible to get more accurate colors from the the dp2m in the studio yet only on the studio.

Hers how I would do it.

First light the art evenly using HMI/HID continous  lights.

WB the dp2m using a Gretag WB card and leave the camera on neutral,  Then shoot the Gretag SG color checker chart, lastly shoot the art.

Then comes the fun part,

First open the SG color check chart in SPP and make necessary exposure adjustment that's it and export to 16bit tiff ProPhtoto.

Then you wave to create a custom ICC camera profile using Xrite software or Picto InCamera profile software.

Export the art image using the sMae adjustments you made in SPP very critical must be the same.

Open image in PS then first assign profile to the ICC profile created front the SG color checker, then covert back to ProPhoto color space.

That's it, will it be a 100% match? Of course not, impossible, yet it will be much closer to the original.

Its sounds like a PITA, buon if you have the write equipment and software ,  it does not take that long to master.


Ps. I rented the dp1m and dp2m last weekend, the dp2m IMHO smoked the dp1m in terms of overall IQ, I'm holding off on purchasing the DP2m until Sigma vastly improves SPP or at least output to dng, then one could make ther own camera profile in LR /ACR Foven sensor as much as I like it, the default color profile thcamera era uses to me is just way to off, and although with carefull processing technique I could enhance the colr to look a little more natural it was still off.

Interesting workflow Steven.  It always amazes me how many ways there are to peel an orange.   I think the most important thing is to use daylight balanced bulbs with the highest CRI rating ( color rendering Index) score.  That is first and most important step.   Lots of photographers are using daylight rated fluorescents now--but there is a flood of cheap bulbs in the market with no CRI index listed on them--anything less than 87 is garbage. Here is an excellent pimer on color temperature @ color rendering for someone looking to learn about color temperature that you and I already know about Steven.

Gary Mercer

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