Xeon quad-core 2.66 for photo and video editing?

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Re: I would not do it. Because...

Robert Peters wrote:

After purchasing a Nikon D800 I hit a massive performance wall with my MacPro (2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon).

I purchased the latest version of a 3.33GHz, 6-core MacPro and increased the memory to 16 GB.  Unsatisfactory result:  I got a factor of 2(!) decrease in rendering time for $3000.  That was unacceptable so I returned the MacPro to Apple.

My temporary solution was to sell my 2011, 13.3 inch MacBook Air and purchase a 15 inch MacBook Pro (retina).  This little laptop gave an overall improvement in the rendering speed of a factor of 4.

If Apple ever sees fit to actually update the MacPro (which is supposedly going to happen) I'll probably buy one.  Until that time I wouldn't touch one.

In your case it's probably mostly because your new MBP has an SSD, where as the MacPro didn't. That'll make a huge difference to loading large files.

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