A99 vs D600 ISO6400 samples

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Re: A99 vs D600 ISO6400 samples

The images shown have different qualities:

The A99 image shown have higher contrast (which accentuate noise patterns) than the Canon image.

The A99 image shown have a slight color cast compared to the Canon image (or vice versa).

The A99 image shown have a thad better accutance than the Canon image (well balanced accutance make an image look a bit more snappy but also a bit more noisy - images with a certain level of accutance is usually a boon when looking at and judging real life images and not crops).

The A99 and Canon noise patterns are also very different, so it is very hard to tell which image is the excellent one and which one is the terrible one (like discussing the timbre of an instrument - not even long discussions can give firm answers to this one)...

Seems like the internal pre processing is made according to different philosophies, one going more for a better overall image quality experience and the other going more for pleasing pixel peepers (mentioning this simply to make a polarized statement, and to provoke ever so slightly)...

To me the A99 image have most appeal. Personally I prefer an image with good accutance and thereby also a thad more visible noise. If needed, the noise can always be smoothed in post processing to get a more canon like image (the other way around is not possible without loosing detail).

My personal conclusion: the images shown have very different qualities so it is impossible to tell which image is the better one! But is is very easy to tell which image appeal most to my own personal preference.

And - yes the A99 is very tempting (have the Canon 60Da for astrophotography myself, and I am not at all impressed by the quality of the underexposed shadows areas compared to how similar sony files are processed - but the the 60Da is sensitive to the astronomically important Ha line and the sonys are not).

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