Thinking of moving to Fuji X land from M43 but ... question.

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Re: Thinking of moving to Fuji X land from M43 but ... question.

The AF is an issue to me because I've used the E-P2 for must be about 2 years now, solidly, so I know it inside out, and the number of shots i've missed because of the AF is countless, I don't shoot sports but I do shoot a lot of street stuff, i'm so used to having that 1 second gap that it really has shaped my style somewhat, that being of noticing a scene and setting it up to capture rather than dynamic scenes happening in front of me, not that on occasion I can't capture those (if you anticipate) but now with the ability of ever other camera these scenes are well within the grasp.  Just about 3 weeks ago I was showing some friends around Tokyo that had come to visit from Korea and what do we spot?  About seven 8 year olds on bikes in full head to toe Baseball uniform including the helmets (mind you we're all from New Zealand where baseball is foreign to us), instinctively we all pull out our cameras, they use DSLR's, and I can't say how frustrating it was to once again miss ALL the shots while they snapped them up.  It just happens all the time, I notice something and want to pull the camera out right away only to do the stand and focus and have everyone look directly at the camera in the meantime. rrr

I've never liked the NEX system purely because of the lenses, both the lack of them, the quality and the complete unbalanced nature of it all, but it all seems to have changed a bit with the pancake zoom and the 35mm.  I think the NEX6 has decent manual controls, in fact if there was no X series i'd no doubt be jumping at it, it just seems like too little too late, it's second best to Fuji, even though they have and have always had great sensors.  Every system has a trade off, I originally had hopes Olympus would go down more of the path Fuji seems to have, the OMD seems like it has a lot, and I am very impressed by it, but like you say about the NEX, I guess I just don't bond with it, it seems like a new version of an old camera design gone ever so slightly wrong, but i'm not sure if that's a good enough reason not to go with it, it seems like a beast and better yet i'm set up for it.

I'll still be giving it a couple of months, maybe by then we'll have some tantalising news of upcoming models that can hold me down further, but for now, i'd slightly reluctantly go with the X series.  In fact I might even make do with the RX100 for 6 months to a year until the X series has an AF overhaul or M43 might pull something together that is great again.  The NEX doesn't seem likely in my future.

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