Self-portrait with DSLRs how do you guys do it?

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Re: yes PenFan but why not offer the option?

Bottom line, I chose the easy way.  Tripod, infrared remote, camera.  I respect that is not your easy way, and I don't mean to criticize your idea or approach to all of this.  Short delay on the remote trigger, could buy a radio trigger if I felt it necessary, but it focuses every time, and takes a decent picture.  I cover my bases and shoot a few to make sure one blind shot turns out ok.

I wish you the best of luck waiting for a firmware update (and what I would assume would result in another menu item to set on or off).  Please understand that my approach to photography in general is to improvise solutions to solve a problem rather than relying on a camera maker to do it.  For example, through a clever use of anti-shock and a wired and locked shutter release cable on one of my cameras, I had myself an intervalometer.  True it was not precise or the best possible tool, but the camera did not have a built-in option (firmware update? doubt it would ever come since they sell a branded one for $150), and for my meager needs it did the trick.  It's cheap, it's not artwork, but it works.

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