LA-EA2: what lenses to get?

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Re: LA-EA2 and aperture control

Hi Kev,

The setting changes that have been talked about are just to try to isolate the source of the lag, but in practice there is no setting that gets rid of it.  Unless you are using your lens wide open, the adapter will need to stop the lens down to the aperture you've set when your fire the shutter, just like in a slr.  Obviously this takes a certain amount of time, but it should not be noticeable.

However with the LA-EA2 and SAL35f18 I am fnding that this operation is taking a significant amount of time.  I'm guessing it's about a fifth to a quarter of a second, which is a long time when your subject is moving.  If you use the lens wide open, there is no lag.  I'd be interested to hear anyone else's view on the length of the lag, but the flikr post I referenced earlier seemed to concur with what I'm saying.  Basically, the gain in focus speed with the LA-EA2 is overshadowed by the shutter lag.  I was hoping this combination would give me dslr-like performance, but unfortunately it does not and I will have to return it.

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