How can I test SR to see if it is working?

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Re: How can I test SR to see if it is working?

I've tested SR on all my Pentax bodies as I bought them.  Method: find a distant object that doesn't move (I use a dead tree about 100m away).  Swittch SR off, set shutter to about 1/focal length.  Take a shot and chimp at high magnification.  It's easy to see if there's motion blur or not.  Adjust shutter speed faster or slower until about half your shots show some blur.  Note the shutter speed.

Now turn SR on and slow down the shutter speed until you reach the point where you are back to about half the shots being blurred.  If SR is working you can tell how much by dividing the shutter speeds; if it isn't working the shutter speeds will be the same.

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