DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

Daminion is a new version of Picajet - same developer.. just a lot more functionality and getting better all the time.  The UI is a bit "old school" and I"m also not entirely thrilled with all the drop down buttons and current layout.. but Murat has promised a UI editor and workspace ability so that should help dramatically.

I too have tested a TON of products... and have found LR to be ok for what I currently need to do.. tag images in a hierarchical fashion, search for images and apply GPS and location data, and create unique print templates for multiphoto printing.  The fact I can do all this in a single place and edit my images (JPG and RAW) has won me over.  Sure - there are tons of DAM features missing from LR that should be there by now - but, with the many addons and plugins available, I can get by just fine using them.

I like Zoner and have the PRO version.. lots of functionality for a great price.. and pretty fast too!  Does about all most folks need it to do... lots of fun stuff!

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