Nex 6 + SEL 35f18 and SEl10-18f4 full sized samples

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Re: 16-50 and 10-18 are nice, but not the 35mm

blue_skies wrote:

Xellz wrote:

I like nex body, but the lenses i wanted were missing. Now they released all 3 what i wanted (small kit, uwa zoom and 50mm ff eq. fast lens), but really don't like what i see from early samples of 35mm. Especially bokeh is a disappointment for me, out of focus rendering in photo with desk in park looks quite bad.

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Bokeh seems quite normal for a 35mm lens on APS-C.

The desk in the park is at 14mm, I believe. I would not expect creamy bokeh from that focal length.

The 50mm has surpringly nice bokeh. Normally it takes 85mm and up to get nice bokeh.

I notice that you are a MFT shooter, remember that the APS-C crop factor is 1.5x, versus 2x on MFT, meaning that at the same focal length, lenses on APS-C will give a much wider FOV (and less bokeh).

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I was talking about photo taken with 35mm, same scene also was taken with uwa zoom. And how it renders out of focus area.

Yes, currently i'm m4/3, it's certainly really good system, but no focus peaking and few other things that i prefer more on nex made me consider switching. I still have enough time to think over, since wanted to get new body only in january/february.

I'm comparing nex 35mm to pana-leica 25mm f1.4, they have similar fov, but pana-leica renders out of focus area much better. Also think "much wider FOV" is exaggeration.

But on the other hand, the 16-50 performs better than i expected after i saw announcement

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