Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

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Re: Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

Domolo wrote:

PS Real painter, that has been trained in accademic classical way, paint mixing only the three primaries, a different yellow or a vermillion and a violet will complete the pallette. The use of some earthes will speed up the paint, but they aren't necessary, a "San Giovanni" white will give the light strokes but that's all... 
The thousands of nuances sold by fine art store are a sort of consumuistic involution of the tecnique....
Something like fast food.

In classical academic painting (Rembrandt, Velasquez, Rubens, Goya, etc), the earth colours are the most important. They are also the most difficult to reproduce with the three-primary system used by current digital cameras.

Skin tones are close to earth colours and are likewise hard to reproduce correctly.

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