Is There Really A Need For A Backup Camera?

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Re: Is There Really A Need For A Backup Camera?

I don't need a backup camera. First of all, none of my cameras has ever let me down, except once or twice when I forgot to charge the spare batteries (I have had only 5 DCs over the last 10 years - I know it's a lousy statistics, but still). And secondly, it is just a hobby, my life does not depend on it, so...

So I almost never bring two cameras with me on a "photo session", unless it is for testing purposes. I do however usually take two cameras (a DSLR and a high-end compact) when going on a longer trip or when visiting some special place. Not so much as a backup but because I like to have a compact on me most of the time anyway (while leaving the big one and lenses somewhere safe) and tend to swap it for the DSLR when I know I will be seeing something special or unique or when circumstances require it (low-light, sports and such) or when I just feel like concentrating on photography. But in such cases I usually also take more than one lens and other gear with it. For example, on a holiday with my family - the compact will be with me all the time when I am with my kid&wife. But when I am finally let "off the hook" with nobody around nagging about having to wait for me all the time (sounds familiar?), I enjoy bringing the DSLR and the rest of the gear.

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