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Re: Bokeh in 55mm sample, not so good...

Mark H wrote:

The bokeh in this sample shot at 55mm f/4.0 doesn't look so good...;

...lots of bright 'ring' outlines around the out of focus highlights (see the trees/roof, through the window in the background).

Blimey Mark, don't you think you're being a little harsh! At full resolution there are maybe a dozen tiny oof doughnuts where the image is way out of the focus plane through a window which is also out of the focus plane around ultra tiny tree leaves against a bright background. - If I point my D700 with 200mm f2 lens at the noonday sun it doesn't expose perfectly but I don't complain - there are always some circumstances in which a lens won't be 100%.

Take a look at the flickr pages (in my earlier post in this thread). You'll see a wide selection of FLs, ISOs and subjects from the 18-55X lens.

I have a feeling that this lens will hit sales of the 18mm f2 since it looks as good if not better IQ-wise at the cost of 1 stop of light gathering.


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