Nokton 17.5mm F/0.95?

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Rol Lei Nut Senior Member • Posts: 2,871
Re: Nokton 17.5mm F/0.95?

mapgraphs wrote:

Thanks for the link to the review. Be interesting to see something similar on the 15 Heliar (M mount). The 25 f0.95 is another one...

I have the 15mm Heliar.

On my old Panny G2, it did have some visible "smearing" or other strange artifacts, though hey could probably be reduced to usable levels during PP.

On my OM-D, the results are far better, with no visible artifacts, though still lowish contrast (unlike with film) and a bit of visible distortion (with film I consider it to be virtually distortion-free). mysteries of sensor interfacing....

I'm not that tempted to use it: though I prefer the fl to the Panny 20mm, I end up using the latter.

I suspect it wouldn't do better on m43 than the new Oly 15mm body cap.

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