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Re: Thank you technology!

salamander1 wrote:

your comment about the shutter speed just sounded like the spinster aunt

spinster aunt? aw, that was uncalled for. be a good sport.  i said i liked your photos, friend, don't get defensive. maybe your moniker makes you a radical of some sort, i don't know... I being defensive or offensive?...make up your mind, will you.

...or maybe I am being defensive and offensive at one and the same time. Maybe I am as clueless about the written word as I am about appropriate shutter speeds....who knows...

(...I am loving this, don't take it too seriously...)

The thing is, I would be much more comfortable if you didn't like my photos or if you had some solid, advancing suggestions for me.

The point I've been trying to make is that, through that SS observation, you've put yourself in kind of an obnoxious, nerdy "let me tell you how it is done" position.

...and yet, a simple click to my galleries here or in PBase (...something not possible with all DPR users...) would have told you right away that, although I still have patent limitations in my photography, selecting an SS is not one of them.  When I miss it is because it is not crucial.

Through dedication, reading, self-teaching and the invaluable help of fellow photographers here and in other resources, I've come a long way as an aspiring Photographer. The chapter about program selection, apertures and SS settings was covered many years ago with the help of a most apt book by Bryan Peterson, "Understanding Exposure" (...have you read it?).

As for the moniker, Khan just sounded nice back when I thought on how I should dub myself in the www. If you see a "xxxxKhan" around in any forum, it's bound to be me.

More important, meaningful and thought of is what I devised for my signature here. Mind you, tough, that it speaks about "constructive criticism", not "pointless criticism".

As for being a "sport", invite me for your local beer dispenser and I'll show up, camera in one hand and an open heart in the other. We'll build from there.

All the best, at 1/2000 (...because I am using a long, long tele-wisher).


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“Loose praise may feed my ego but constructive criticism advances my skills”
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