Please advise, Nikon d800e with 24-70mm v Canon 5d m3 with 24-70mm...

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bobn2 wrote:

Not 'PP to fix'. 'P' (just 'processing') to suit. That is how you can work if your camera is 'ISOless', and IMO it is a better way of working. It's a deficiency of Canon cameras that you can't work like that. Nikons are not completely ISOless, but you can get close. Anyway, that was off the point - what is it that you think determines the minimum shutter speed?

Well happy shooting with your 'isoless' Nikon and happy 'Processing' afterwards for you. I will just do like 99.999% of photographers do and adjust my aperture, shutterspeed and ISO according to exposure

Errrm - that doesn't make any sense. Do you not realise that? What you are saying is 'adjust my exposure according to exposure'. Anyway, Mr 99.999%, what is it that you think determines minimum shutter speed? (and I'm sure that more than 0.001% of photographers know the answer to this).

Ok Bob let me explain - :

Pick a shutter speed or aperture. IF your shutter speed is too slow for the lens, adjust ISO up by half stop, shutter up by half stop to 1/90 (in our 85mm example) and voila - exposure is spot on again - simple Bob. Why on earth do I want to under or over expose deliberately if either aperture or ISO can be adjusted to suit??? Your argument, Bob, is - because we have DR we WILL underexpose just too show the world we can.... Well I have news for you - lifting the exposure in PP also increases noise - could as well do it with ISO

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