NEX-6 vs E-PL5

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Re: NEX-6 vs E-PL5

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Are you looking for a small and convenient compact camera with the best IQ and features and willing to pay up to $1000?

I had thought E-PL5 was the answer for me and almost ordered one, but now we have the NEX-6, which is actually smaller and lighter, as well as cheaper when compared to an equivalentE-PL5 kit.  

And this NEX kit provides numerous other significant advantages besides the built-in EVF and flash.  Have a look at the details:

Click on the table to enlarge.  Figures for depth of (camera+lens) above are just rough estimates (adding the lens length to the body depth).

Assuming that test results show the NEX-6 and 16-50mm combination has a decent IQ (and the early samples suggest it does), then there seems little competition for it, from M43 or from anyone.

You seemed to have overlooked a small detail: The lens choices with the M43 system makes a big difference. I was never very impressed with this system in the past. But the fact that there is  now an excellent selection of bodies with very good sensors and also the great variety of native lenses makes it a very attractive alternative  to bulkier and heavier other systems.

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