Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

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Re: Sigma DP2M Vs the Sony A77

Domolo wrote:

I can't agree...
A painter uses specific colours, each choice is function of chromatic ratios and expressive will.
The materic part of the work comes later. First of all, for a correct reproduction of a painting, a camera must be faithfull to the colour choosed by the painter.
If I use a Veronese green instead of a Cinabro green. It must be reproduced as Veronese and the Sigma isn't faithfull in this, the Sony or the Pentax imho are far superior.
Instead  Sigmas are a good choice for carachoal, puntasecca and sculpture and any other tecnique where the materic part has a larger importance.

No camera that uses only three primary colours can give accurate renderings of every pigment used by painters. There will always be problems with metamerism.

That said, I see no reason why a DP2M used with a color checker should not give as useful a record as any other camera used with a color checker (and its software).

Simply correcting white balance may not be enough.

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