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penndragonn2001 wrote:

Good replies gents. I am actually considering the Zeiss 135mm. I've read stellar reviews on it as well as some others. Although I do like the focal length of the 200mm and of course, simply cosmetic, love the look of those Sony and Minolta Off white lenses...But price wise. The older sigma seems like great bang for the buck. If I had a camera store around here that carries these, I'd try them out. Decisions.

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Sony NEX 7, Sony A550

Zeiss 135mm is probably the sharpest lens available for any of the large camera makes (or so they say).  I love it but the 135mm STF in my opinion is even better.  The results can be amazing the Bokeh is just wonderful.  Gives a real smooth 3d look, especially if shooting people.  Plus it is great fun to use (though you really need focus peeking/magnification to use it properly unless you have excelent eyesight).

Zeiss 85mm - lots of people love it, I find that it produces quite cold (blue) images, it is very sharp BUT very very noisy, you certainly can't use it for video!!!

I had the 70-200 Sigma and was never happy with it, replaced with a 70-200 G - a far far superior lens in every way: focus, sharpness, IQ etc.  Certainly of those 2 the Sony would be the better choice.

The Minoltas should be very good but it might be difficult finding copies that do not have problems - and the saving is probably not worth the effort.

The only problem with all of these is they are very long, and if you are doing studio pictures with a APS-C camera (guessing as you never mentioned specificially what camera you have), you would have to be a long way back.  Have you considered the 24mm Zeiss or wait for the new 50mm Zeiss (next year)

just my 2 pence worth.


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