Warranty of little value in Australia?

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Re: Warranty of little value in Australia?

One of the reasons I recently moved away from Sony was due to the lousy support/expertise in Australia for technical repairs.

I am yet to find out if Nikon is any different however some general principles I use for photographic equipment now are:

Buy camera bodies and lens' in Australia from retail stores if margins are no more than 15% of electronic store prices. I reckon this is fair mark up to reflect shop front costs.

In excess of 15%, buy from online stores who have follow up Australian telephone numbers and Australian staff so you dont get stuck on a long email/ticket number trail that ends in frustration and communication issues. Also check if repair work/warranty is Australia based not hong Kong otherwise it will cost you big time if they claim to find nothing wrong with your product i.e. you will not get your product back unless you pay the exorbitant return shipping cost.

Please note that whilst some online stores say they are Australian and they may have a registered business name in Australia most are Hong Kong owned stores from where all their stock originates.

For more expensive equipment, pay a little more and order from B&H photo, Adorama, etc in USA.

These companies have very good freight deals and you get the goods within a few days.

Warranty work is professional and it is worth paying the freight back for the work to be undertaken without all the hassles of dealing with some Australian repairers.

Lastly, on the subject of grey imports, I recently spent a lot of money at B&H Photo including a grey import lens. Grey import means nothing other than the goods are sourced from a country other than the one in which you reside and not imported by the brand importer. e.g. I purchased a lens from B&H. They purchased a quantity of lens from Nikon in Europe at a better price than they could get from Nikon USA. Same lens,  just sourced from another country thus then being referred to as a grey import. Sure some Asian suppliers dont provide the original or hard copy manual with their products but the product is the same.

Hope this helps.

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