weekend field trip

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Re: weekend field trip

Hi Doros,

I'm not much of a photographer but I'll comment on your shots.

#1 doesn't do much for me.  The subject isn't too interesting and it's very contrasty.  Nothing that makes me say "wow."

#2 is similar.  There's an obvious focal point, but the sky is blown and there's nothing about the photo that makes me say "wow."  The horse is beautiful though.

#3 is more interesting to me.  It's sharp and clear and the horse it pretty but again the sky is blown.  And I keep wanting more in terms of interest.

#4 is my favorite.  It's interesting and unique but I don't think I'd have the focal point in the center of the shot.   Also it's a little noisy.  I'd have shot that one at ISO 400 (at the max) and used a slower shutter speed.  Unless the wind was really blowing the branches around I see no point in needing 1/500 shutter speed.

#5 is a pretty silhouette.

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