Is there time for an interchangeable sensor DSLR?

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Re: That sounds familiar ;)

Wojciech Sawicki wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

According to the now 3 years old Nikon patent, the sensor will be at the edge of a small box (much like the screen of a small cell-phone), which will be slotted in position from the left side (as we look at the VF eye-piece) and it will be user interchangeable....


I had something like that, a long long time ago There were at least four different backs available, including a 6mp near full frame. Mine had a 2.5x crop factor, 1.5MP, ISO 100

All that for a mere $16,000

Man, how we've progressed since.

Seriously though, as cool as the interchangeable sensor idea sounds in theory, it wouldn't be feasible in practice...

Yet...., the OP is for interchangeable sensor, not for interchangeable back or for converting a film camera to digital, ....there is quite a difference!

Ideally, if the problem was today into designing a hybrid film/digital camera (which there is no chance of doing), the designer would have to apply a similar approach as with modern MF cameras (Mamyia 645, Hass H, Contax 645) diminishing the left part of the camera and having interchangeable backs which would either take 35mm film or Digital backs with the screen/electronics/buffer and cards integrated into the back.... this would shoot cost near the MF territory....  handling would be worst too... Especially for telephoto users! ....Remember the Rollei 3000 series?

But slotted interchangeable sensors..., that would be something!


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