Stick to DSLRs or move to mirrorless?

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Re: Stick to DSLRs or move to mirrorless?

I agree with redryder above. I've been using Nikon DSLR's for almost 10 years and love them. In fact I just bought a D600 and am thrilled with the IQ. However, I will only use these large cameras for pro work where I need to have absolutely positive tracking focus for sports and candids. For everything else and especially for any personal travel I will now only be using my micro 4/3 equipment. I too bought an Olympus OMD and find the IQ equal to or better than any crop sensor DSLR of the last generation - including my D300 or D90. And, the lens selection is in my opinion more robust than available for DSLR's. Panasonic and Olympus are competing with each other to produce astoundingly good glass at reasonable prices. Just check out Amazon's listings for micro 4/3 lenses. I now carry an astonishingly sharp Panasonic/Leica 50mm 1.4 lens (actually a 25mm but the crop factor makes it equivelant to a 50), a Panasonic 90-400mm zoom, a Panasonic 14-24mm zoom in the same purse sized pouch with my OMD with its 24-100mm kit lens) Oh - and a second body (an Olympus Pen EPL1 -which I bought at closeout for under $150) fits in a side pocket. The equivelant DSLR gear would need a suitcase. I live in LA but was working in Vancouver when I bought my OMD because micro 4/3 is increasingly popular there and in most parts of the world.  It has not gained that traction in the States yet. But, I really believe it will. All these new compact systems are fantastic and way beyond what was thought to be possible even a couple of years ago. The reason I lean so heavily towards micro 4/3 is that the system is endorsed by several manufactures and offers the greatest selection of lenses. In addition, the sensor size is close to ideal.  Sony's choice to use the same size sensor as crop sensor dslr's gives it a theoretical edge in lower noise but in practice they are virtually identical. And, the smaller micro 4/3 dictates far smaller lenses to achieve the same focal range.  This is a major factor in the system's portability.

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