Worth It? GoPro Hero2 HD $150

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Re: Worth It? GoPro Hero2 HD $150

Grant Barron wrote:

I have an opportunity to pick up a new but open box go pro hero 2 hd at a local best buy. I know the hero 3 just came out, but for my purposes, i am contemplating as to whether or not the hero3 is really worth the extra money. For the majority of the time, it will be mounted either on a car or chest mount for skiing and tennis. Would the hero 3 give me any significant advantage in these circumstances?



If I were in your position, I would wait and get the updated model and future proof my investment as much as possible.  The HD3 format is probably with us for at least the next 3-4 years whereas the HD2 support will start to drop off when stocks run out..

Even if you don't need the much more expensive HD3 Black edition, you do know that the HD3 Silver edition is the same basic camera as the HD2 but with wi-fi built in and the greatly improved lens.  It also comes with a flat glass housing as well so will not need any add-on housing for perfect underwater performance.  All in, I'd say that was good value for the additional money you'll pay.

If you bought the HD2 now then the housing, batteries etc are incompatible with the newly launched model.

The HD3 black edition is definitely more suited to pros or real gearheads, I couldn't justify it myself.

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