Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

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Re: Is the ZD 7-14 the best wide-angle lens on the planet?

I had the 7-14mm, used it on the E-620 and E-5. It could be the best UWA zoom on the planet but not by much.

I used the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 and what I saw is this:

- The Nikon is just as sharp. The 7-14 can be used at f/2.8 with a trick, but the corners are much softer than with the Nikon. From f/4 up, they are both the same.

- The Nikon seemed more resistant to flare and was a bit more contrasty in some light

- The Zuiko is much better corrected for distortion, the Nikon has much more distortion.

So they are kind of equal, but the 7-14mm was released first, and as a 7-14mm distortion free, I say it is a greater technical achievement than the Nikon. The Canon 16-35mm doesn't even compete.

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