Is The G5 a worth upgrade of the G3?

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Re: not what it seems ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Robert Deutsch wrote:

According to the DxO review, the G3 has improved dynamic range, but the low light ISO performance is actually  worse than that of the G3 or the GX1. That's one area where I would not want to take a backward step.  I have a GX1 myself, and I'm waiting to see what the GX2 brings to the game.  Or I might go for the Olympus E-PL5.

The numbers show that the G5 has a 20% lead overall against both the GX1 and the G3.

They further show that the G5 has a 1 stop dynamic range lead, which is pretty huge.

And as for the noise curves ... here is the plot for all three.

If you seriously think that there is a meaningful difference there to someone reasonably skilled with post processing, then you really should stay away from low light under all circumstances.

Your decision making is clouded by trivial differences taking on much more meaning than they deserve.

This is whar DxO says about the low light/high ISO capability of the G5 vs. the G3:

"However, the G5 delivered a lackluster low light performance. Its score lagged behind the already poor low light performance of the G3, contradicting Panasonic’s claims that the G5’s digital’ Live MOS sensor would improve upon its older brethren. "

While the differences may not be of much practical significance, the change from the G3 to the G5 (G3: ISO 667; G5: ISO 618) is in the wrong direction!  By contrast, the OM-D E-M5's low light ISO score is 826.  That's better than the Canon 650D (722).

Granted, there are many factors other than sensor performance--or any single aspect of sensor performance--that go into the judgement of the overall quality of a camera, but, other things being equal, I'd like to see improvements in these measurable aspects.


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