Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

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Re: Awful pics using the flash in FZ150

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Straight on flash pictures tend to be very flat. The lighting is often quite harsh, and the biggest problem putting the flash an inch above the lens is red eye.

I found the very best flash pictures I have taken was using an external flash pointed up towards the ceiling at about a 45 degree angle and using a diffuser to spread the light around. Using a TTL flash, you get the right exposure and you get modelling around the subject's features eliminating that flat look.

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I agree. Years ago I bought a cheap flash for my analog SLR. Its a Sunpak 144PC and it has a swivel head for bounce. One sets the ISO on the flash and it tells you what f-stop to use. Put the FZ150 in aperture priority mode, set the f-stop and fire away. I can set the head at 60 or 90 degrees for bounce. This requires increasing the f-stop some.

The thing to worry about with some of the old flash units is the trigger voltage. This is the voltage between the rail and center pin when the flash is charged up. If you don't have it, you can measure it with a multimeter. A safe voltage is around 6 volts or so. Some older flash units are well over 100V.

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