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Re: G Lenses

The 200 2.8G HS may have also two focus hold buttons that will not be on the non HS version.

The 200 2.8 (either version) will be sharper then the 80-200 2.8 (either version) and even sharper then the current 70-200 2.8 lenses. It is still very good by todays standards and one of the lenses should be rereleased by Sony. It really comes down to what focal range you need most. The fixed 200 2.8 lenses are mached with Minolta teleconverters and can take you to 280mm 4.0 & 400mm 5.6 respectively. The 80-200 2.8 lenses are not compatible with any Minolta or Sony teleconverters, the rear element sticks out and won't allow you to even mount them.

I have the original black 80-200 2.8 APO and it continues to produce excellent results after about 25 years of service.


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